New year, new you….how green will you go in 2010?

It’s not too late to make your New Year’s resolution. In fact, it’s never too late to make changes in life, especially ones that are going to make a positive impact on one’s health and well being. The key is making realistic goals in order to stick with them. It’s always a good idea to tell the people you share your life with, so that they can support and encourage you. Another good way is writing them down, or making a “goal board”, where you draw up a chart or find images of what you want to achieve and stick it up on the board. Place it somewhere you can see it regularly, for inspiration. You may have several for different areas of your life. One area a lot of people are making great change in their life is with the amount of “harmful” chemicals they use in everyday living. Fortunately there are so many “green” companies around now, making it easy for us to make the transition to more natural products. I’ve actually found my decision to minimise harmful chemicals from my daily living one of the easiest decisions to follow. Once you make the switch in one area, it seems to snowball and take over the rest of your life.

Small Steps

Start with one section of your life at a time. You might find it easier to start with the household. Decide to finish up or throw out any bottles of cleaners which are full of ammonia, bleach and other ingredients which are not very environmentally friendly or good for us. Switch to brands which are safer, like Earth Choice (available at supermarkets), which is cruelty free, grey water safe and is Australian made and owned. If you wish to further reduce chemical use, you might like to try using some of the following ideas.

Castille soap: this is a cheap yet effective alternative cleanser for use throughout the home as well as for personal use. Generally made from vegetable oils and glycerine, it is gentle and low in lather, making it less drying than soap and great for the environment. Use it to clean dishes, in the laundry wash, to clean your pets and in the shower for personal use on hair and body.  

Bicarbonate soda: makes a great cleanser for baked on grime. Apply a small layer across the area and allow to sit and dissolve for a little while, before wiping with a damp sponge. Mix with water to form a paste, then use on extra built up grime around the shower and sinks. Eliminate odours by sprinkling it in the bottom of pet’s litter tray, and keeping a cup of it in the fridge. For lots more excellent ideas using bicarb, click here

Vinegar: add one part vinegar to four parts of water, in a spray bottle. Use to refresh bench tops, clean grime from the stove, sinks, even in the shower and toilet. Add to hot water in a bucket to clean your floors. Don’t forget the old glass cleaning trick – just use some old newspaper and wipe it on straight from the bottle for a squeaky clean finish on your windows and mirrors.

Essential oils: add a few drops to your clothes wash, and to your vinegar cleaning solution for a fresh and natural uplifting scent.

Incense sticks: these are fantastic for clearing the air when you need to eliminate odours quickly. Living in a flat where the bathroom and toilet are shared, incense has been a very valuable item to have on hand, and is far more effective than any room spray. One good one to try is Nagchampa, available at most $2 style shops.

When you start to make changes in the house, you quickly start wondering about the products you use on yourself. Or perhaps it will happen the other way around, like it did with me.  When I first made the switch to natural products, it was when I was using another brand of cosmetics and skincare. Like other big name brands, they brought in their mineral line and got me all excited about them, with their claims of being natural and having skin healing abilities. Being loyal to the brand for many years, I had invested a lot of money on their products, so you can imagine my disappointment when I learned that the products only contained a sprinkling of the hyped up mineral ingredients, and enough nasty additives to completely counter any of the positive effects, rendering them no better than your average synthetic commercial brand. Oh, and they slapped a nicer price tag on them at the same time too, only adding to the sting!

Small change brings big rewards…

With that, I decided I wanted to know what was going into the products I use and not waste any more money on pricey, over hyped brands with outrageous claims and pretty packaging (but oh, how I loved pretty packaging!).  I wanted to be sure they were all natural, cruelty free and good for my skin. So began my research on ingredients, and thus my decision to start my own range. I couldn’t believe how many harmful chemicals kept coming up on the labels of products I had been using everyday for my whole life. Ingredients that have been linked to cancer, allergies, irritations, asthma and a host of other health issues. I’ve always suffered from breakouts and rosacea, and was starting to see how likely it was to be linked to the products I use on my skin everyday and the chemicals ingested in foods I eat regularly. I became obsessed with labels and what goes into the products I use, researching everything that I came across. Pretty soon the entire house was stripped of the array of commercially branded goods I was once upon a time so in love with using, and the “green” girl inside of me was coming through. It was at this stage that Karma Mineral Cosmetics & Beauty was created and my quest to deliver a completely natural and Australian beauty brand void of the nasties and the high price tag, began.

My exclusive offer to newsletter readers

Call me biased, but I just love minerals so much that I think everyone should try them, even if only once! And of course I want each and every one of you to experience the wonders of minerals and learn how they can be incorporated into your beauty regime to create a glamorous look for day and night. To say thanks for keeping up with my newsletters, and for showing your support to the Karma brand, I’d like to offer you the following “Mineral Converter Kit” at an exclusive price just for you. Here’s what you get –

  • Mineral powder foundation (in shade of your choice)– 7gms $42
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  • Mineral  Glow in Apricot– mega multi tasking wonder product! 1gm $20
  • Mineral powder blush (in shade of your choice) – 1.5gms $20
  • Mineral powder bronzer (in shade of your choice) – 1.5gms $20
  • Pro kabuki brush – $40

 Valued at $174 – you pay only $99 (plus postage) when you purchase before February 15th _ BONUS! – if you purchase before Monday February 8th, you will receive a Luxury Satin Carry-all to fit it all in, absolutely free! Ideal for travelling and large enough to carry your skincare, plus it contains an extra pocket for brushes as well! You won’t need any other cosmetics bag. Carry case displayed below with other products from the Karma range.

Luxury Carry-all make-up bag

Luxury Carry-all case

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Important: DON’T make the switch to minerals until you know a few things about applying them! They are pigment dense, with strong colours and natural shimmer particles (unless they are matte, in which case they will have less or no shimmer). This gives them wonderful long wearing ability and means that you only require a small amount to get a great result – providing they are applied correctly. If you have tried minerals in the past and wondered what all the fuss is about, or why the shadows don’t look vibrant when you brush them on, it’s highly likely you just haven’t applied them in the right way. Follow my application tips here to get the most out of your mineral range 🙂

Thanks for reading xx


Karma Mineral Cosmetics – Freebie Update

After a week of constant emails, registrations and requests for product samples on the Karma Mineral Cosmetics & Beauty website, I have been working around the clock to reply to each of your emails and get your sample packs customised and ready to go. It has been a slow process, being on my own, so I thank you all for your patience, support and kind words.

In the meantime, I have had to pull the pin on the freebies. Sorry to those who missed out this time round. If you haven’t signed up to the website yet, be sure to do so and be the first to find out about future offers, beauty updates, tips and new product launches.

Here is the link to get signed up –

Thanks again to everyone who has been in touch, I’m so excited to hear what you think of the range. Stay tuned for tips on how to get the best out of your samples!

Jolene xx


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The Karma Mineral Cosmetics range includes –

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Karma Mineral Cosmetics – who doesn’t like a freebie?

Karma Mineral Cosmetics is passionate about bringing you new and exciting products. So far we are getting great feedback on the current range, but we can never have too much!

Feedback is necessary for any business to grow. I want to be able to offer you the best products and know that what I am doing and what I am offering is what you want. I don’t believe in only taking on board or publishing “positive” feedback – I want everything out in the open so that people can make well informed choices when purchasing from my range. With your help, I hope to deliver solutions for your needs, at a price you are happy to pay.

I am looking for eager volunteers to try samples of our range and give honest, structured feedback. In return, you will receive benefits such as generous discounts on product, a gift voucher on your birthday and the opportunity to go into competitions and enjoy other exclusive offers throughout the year.

To get underway, simply send an email to expressing your interest in volunteering, and I will send you more info from there!

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DSC_0333 - Copy


Attention Brides to be! – Free Mineral Cosmetics Valued at $75

Are you a bride to be, searching for the perfect make-up artist for your wedding day? Feeling overwhelmed with choice and the prospect of spending a fortune on your special day?

Karma Mineral Cosmetics have the perfect solution for you.

We have been receiving great reviews from our clients, including other brides, who say our mineral cosmetics are the best they’ve tried, and that our service is professional, friendly and relaxed.

 We want you to enjoy the same treatment for your wedding day, so are offering you the opportunity to have your trial at your location of choice, and redeem the charge against product purchases to the value of $75. Just perfect for covering your touch up cosmetics such as lip gloss and setting powder!

 So that’s – your wedding day trial for $75

PLUS Mineral Cosmetics to the value of $75


 We are certain you will be happy and want to book your wedding day with us, however there is no obligation to do so and you still walk away with $75 worth of new cosmetics plus a brand new look!

See what other brides are saying about us here

 This offer is keeping us busy, so please book and leave your

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No job is too big or too small – we cater to every need and every budget.

Mobile service available 7 days a week.

Free travel included to areas within a 20 km radius from Kew, 3101. Minimum travel charged outside these areas.

 Enquire now – ph: 0438 323 766

Bride_Groomf - Copy

Image courtesy of Alister Haskell Photography – Copyright

Karma weddings

I am always flattered whenever someone asks me to be a part of their wedding plans (and I love going to a good wedding too!) but nothing pleases me more than knowing I have lived up to their expectation by delivering a service that they were happy with and help bring their special day together.

Some recent wedding parties –

Bride with soft neutral makeup

Bridesmaid with neutral tones for lips and eyes. Karma lip shine in 'Elegance'.

Bridesmaid with smokey eyes and soft pink/purple gloss. This makeover features some colours coming to the Karma range soon!

Bride with neutral eye tones (Karma shadows in Cocoa, Vanilla Cream, Rose Gold & Beige Sheen) and lip shine in 'Dazzle'.

Bridesmaids with smokey eyes (plum & lilac tones) teamed with soft neutral lip shades.

Bride Eileen opted for Napoleon Base, which I teamed with Karma Mineral Cosmetics blush in Dusty Rose, Cocoa Matte Shadow, Peach Matte Shadow, Beige Sheen Shimmer shadow. The result is a gorgeous natural glowing bride.

Bridesmaid Skye with a soft and glamorous makeover. I used soft pinks and purples to compliment her blue eyes, tanned skin and her lavender dress.

Bride Anna getting the finishing touches by her bridal party. Anna wanted a more natural look, so I used brown and soft peach tones on her eyes, peach blush, soft bronze on the rest of face and a very soft peach/pink lip gloss.

Asha looking stunning as a traditional Indian bride. This look was acheived using Karma Mineral Cosmetics in - Antioxidant Foundation Olive4, Peach blush, Rose Gold Shimmer Shadow, Beige Sheen Shimmer shadow, Cocoa Matte Shadow. Apricot Glow Illuminisor. Lipstick by MAC.






I was delighted to receive some wonderful feedback from some gorgeous brides recently, and with their permission, have decided to share with my readers.


Anna with her bridesmaids.

Thanks so much for doing our makeup. I found you and your assistant to be very professional on the day, working to a rather tight schedule and taking everyone’s suggestions and wishes into account. You were very patient and persistent. The make-up itself was great, and lasted all day, as you can see in the photos. I’ve never looked so glamorous, and was thrilled with the end result!” Anna M. Melbourne, Sep 2009.

I would also like to thank my lovely assistant, Rita, who helped me on this occasion as we had a large group to do in a short time. She did the makeup for the first and third bridesmaid. “Thanks Rita, I couldn’t have done it without you!”

Another gorgeous bride whom I made over for her special day back in 2008 has shared her feedback below –

” I found her ad in the Bridal Directory, called her, best price around. Very helpful and genuine. Met her for a trial, was really happy about the job. On the wedding day she did really well for my flower girl and myself. She gave us such a natural look, good color choice for our skin tone. Make up lasted the whole ceremony, picture shots and reception. I was really happy and I will definitely recommend her. Good attitude, good price, good service and good job.” Joelle, Melbourne 2008.


Stay tuned for more happy customers. You can also view more testimonials here –

I am available to assist you with your wedding plans seven days of the week, including after hour bookings. Please note – the best time to do your trial is during the day, so we have lots of natural light to work with 🙂

Another beautiful bride, Tami, found me via my True Local profile and had this to say after her wedding – “I was looking for a good make-up artist to do my make-up on my wedding day. Because it was a second wedding I was not having a bridal party, so I only needed the make-up for myself. I attended bridal shows and contacted several artists, all of whom advised me that they would not be interested in my business because the job wasn’t “big” enough. When I found Jolene she was extremely friendly, genuine and willing to help. Nothing was too much trouble and she was at my door when she said she would be there – for my trial and my big day.
Jolene takes a lot of pride in what she does and she is brilliant. On my wedding day she was at my house VERY early and with a smile on her face. This was at my request of course.
I had the most fantastic wedding day and everyone commented on how beautiful I was and how my make-up was so amazing. My skin glowed (thanks to mineral glow!) and it felt so good! I didn’t feel self-conscious or worried that I had too much make-up on either. It felt so natural, which is very important to me. I don’t like a lot of make-up.
Thank you Jolene for your great service and professional tips. I am loving the mineral make-up too. Never will I return to my old make-up kit and bad habits. I continue to get compliments on my skin to this day. Amazing how the right advice about correct application techniques and great product can make such a difference.
I would have no hesitation recommending Jolene to anybody looking for a true professional.
Thank you, again Jolene. I look forward to my next delivery of product!
Kindest regards, Tami Hassett. Malvern VIC.”

Tami is seen here with her friends, and her son in law, on her

wedding day. How stunning does she look?

Introducing my next bride, Jane, who married in summer of  2009.  Jane and her bridal party were looking for a natural finish, with light make-up that didn’t feel too heavy or cakey. I was pleased to hear from Jane who reported that the make-up was up to the expectation of all the girls in the party. Jane can be seen here getting all dolled up. And how beautiful is she as a natural bride?

Mineral cosmetics – what you may not be aware of….

If you haven’t heard about all the benefits of mineral cosmetics by now then one must wonder “where have you been?!” As a consumer myself I understand how confusing it can be when making a purchase. We see new brands hit the market constantly so our choices are endless. Whatever you may or may not know about mineral cosmetics it doesn’t matter because I have put together an article to get you up to speed on everything you need to know, including the good and the bad of mineral make-up and how to safely choose your products.

Don’t believe the hype:

Beware that just because a product mentions the word “mineral” in the name, it does not necessarily mean it is a pure mineral product. And don’t be fooled into thinking they all contain natural ingredients. Some companies still use harmful chemicals and only have to mention the word mineral to fool the more unsuspecting of us into thinking it must be good.

A lot of the commercial cosmetic brands jumped straight on the mineral bandwagon once word got out on how wonderful minerals are. And when they did, what do you think the number one thing was that stood out against their more natural branded competitors? Price! They retailed their goods at a fraction of the cost of the natural cosmetics companies, and the reason for this is because they use cheap and nasty ingredients to bulk up the product, and only a tiny amount of the pure mineral ingredients responsible for giving the product any integrity and our skin any benefits. And how do they retain sales despite selling lower quality goods? The same way commercial brands have done for years – clever marketing, big budgets, fancy packaging and pretty faces plus big name celebrities. Learn to look beyond that by equipping yourself with facts about what matters the most – the ingredients. After all, you’re paying for the product to make you feel and look good, not for packaging that’s only going to make your make-up bag look good! When you use products filled with chemicals and fillers you potentially buy into long term skin and body issues – not such a good look in the end.

Become ingredient savvy:

Learn about what goes into products and what they do to your skin and body. Once you know which ingredients to avoid, making purchases will be so much easier. Below are just a handful of common ingredients which you are likely to find if you pick up a couple of products you have in your make-up purse right now.

Some typical fillers include:

  • Talc – known to block pores (comedogenic), linked to lung problems and known as being a carcinogen

  • Kaolin – also known as clay; can be drying on the skin

Some harmful ingredients to avoid:

  • Bismuth Oxychloride – a common addition to mineral powder foundations; known to cause itching, breakouts and irritation to some skin types

  • Mineral oil – a by product of petroleum, used widely in cosmetics and skincare as well as baby care products; known as a skin irritant and to block pores.

  • Dimethicone – used to give products slip, used widely in primers and many skincare products; can suffocate the pores by adding a layer over the skin, leading to skin breakouts and pore blockages.

  • Parabens – used widely in skincare, cosmetics and hair products as a preservative; known to be linked to cancer.

  • Isopropyl/alcohol – known to be ageing and drying on the skin.

A few extra things to consider when making a purchase:

  • Is the brand cruelty free? You would be amazed to learn of some of the commercial brands still test on animals. This practice is totally unnecessary and should be banned.
  • Are you paying extra for packaging and big budget marketing? It’s easy to get drawn in by pretty packaging but in the end it’s what’s in the jar that counts and in this economic climate value for money is what consumers should be investing in. 

I hope this helps clear some confusion about the differences between some of the leading brands of natural mineral companies and the commercial brands we have grown up with. Feel free to leave a comment or contact me with any queries. And be sure to take a look at the range in the Karma store; we offer a money back return on all goods plus personalised service over the phone, email, or if you live in Melbourne make a booking to see the range in the comfort of your own location  –

Please feel free to leave a comment or contact me personally 🙂