Karma Mineral Cosmetics & Beauty is passionate about natural skincare and cosmetics. Its goal is to make people aware of the harmful chemicals in skincare and cosmetics, and educate people on the potential harm done to skin and body, so that they can make ethical and informed choices, and feel good about what they use to make them look great.

Karma Mineral Cosmetics & Beauty’s founder, Jolene Stasenes, is a qualified beautician and make-up artist who trained at a holistic college in Melbourne. Her experience with cosmetics and skincare spans over several years of working in beauty salons and freelancing as a mobile therapist and make-up artist. Jolene is currently available to do make-up for all occasions. She also offers eyelash and brow tinting, spray tanning and make-up tuition for individuals.

Karma Mineral Cosmetics are a fresh, young brand which are proudly:

  • Australian made and owned

  • Cruelty free

  • Free from parabens, artificial colours and fillers such as talc

  • Free from Bismuth Oxychloride

  • Ideal for all skin types including acne, rosacea and sensitive skin

Karma Mineral Cosmetics are great for people who value good quality products and don’t want to pay for pretty packaging and hyped marketing. The result is products that do what they say with no fancy frills, just practical packaging and pure ingredients. That means high quality products at very affordable prices for those who want the best for the health of their skin and body.



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