One little tip to ensure your make-up lasts a LOT longer

Not many of us are blessed with perfect skin. And a lot of us spend a lot of time on the quest to find the perfect foundation. If we could have the perfect foundation, it would be one that gives us a flawless cover, looks natural and feel light on the skin, right? Have you ever found the perfect foundation only to discover it doesn’t last very long or goes cakey within a few hours? Well, I have 2 words for you – setting powder. Yes, that’s right, setting powder could be just what you are missing!

I know what you’re thinking. What is setting powder? Isn’t it just for people with really shiny skin? Perhaps you thought it was just for use with a liquid foundation? Well the truth is that it is for everyone who wears make-up! Below are the reasons why.

Does your make-up seem to disappear within hours?

Setting powder is designed to seal and bond your base, whether it is a liquid, cream or powder foundation.  A light sweep with setting powder or veil will ensure your base is set in place and won’t melt off your skin. This means some skin types will get through the entire day with only a few or less powder touch ups, and not require an afternoon foundation top up at all. What a relief!

Does your skin look shiny, have enlarged pores or fine lines when you wear foundation?

Setting powder not only keeps your base in place, but it helps to fill in any fine lines & enlarged pores, which gives your skin a smoother, less shiny and more even look. A good setting powder will give your skin a velvety, silky looking finish and help keep shine at bay for hours.

Do you skip setting powder because it adds too many layers, feels heavy or drying and worry it will block your pores?

Having grown up with oily skin, I understand the concern a lot of people have about adding another layer to your face, or that the powder will block pores and worsen breakouts.  As a teen, I was addicted to using the oil blotting papers from The Body Shop. I thought they were an absolute Godsend. Years later I found out that they are covered with talc, and realised they had been blocking my pores the whole time. The good news is that cosmetics are now being designed with better quality ingredients than ever before, meaning there are more products available which do not contain the ingredients known to block pores or contribute to breakouts. Older formulas contained a lot of talc, which is to be avoided for that very reason. These days formulas are designed with a variety of ingredients, to help soothe, heal and moisturise, depending on your skin type. So powders are a lot more versatile, and while most are still designed as a “one product fits all skin types” formula, some are now giving us the added bonus of catering to specific skin types and requirements.

So, there you have it. Setting powder plays a major role in extending the wear of your foundation and giving you flawless coverage with less caking and shine. Finally, the most important thing to remember is to apply it in light sweeps  with a large fluffy brush. This will help avoid the cakey look that can occur when you apply it too heavy or with a dense brush.

Please be aware that some well known brands still contain talc, so always read your cosmetics labels!

View Karma Minerals range of setting powders, which are all free of talc, and come in a variety of finishes to suit specific skin types and requirements.



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