Get this look…playful, flirty and fun!

I bet you’ve looked at purple make-up and thought “I can’t wear that!” Well think again, because purple is actually a great shade for any coloured eyes, and can really make them “pop”! Just be sure to pick the correct shade for your skin tone or it just won’t work.

Follow our step by step make over below to create this playful flirty look!

1. Start with a fresh, clear base. Smooth out your complexion with a foundation and concealer.

2. Take a base shadow colour such as Sugar Plum, and apply to the entire lid from lash line to just above the crease. Be sure not to go all the way to the brow, only take it just above the crease.

3. Next, take a deeper shade of purple such as Amethyst, for adding more depth to the crease, and blend toward the outer corner and up toward the brow bone, over the crease. If you prefer a more deeper, smokey look, try a shade like Smokey Haze instead.

4. For the next step, you will need a highlight shade, such as Moonstone, which will be applied above the crease and up toward the brow bone. If you are using a very shimmery shade, don’t take the colour up too high. Use this shade to blend the deeper purple shade on the outer corners, and also use it to highlight on the inner corners, taking it part way across the bottom lashes.

5. For the following step, you will need a steady hand to apply your liner! Liquid liner works well for this look, but only apply it to the top lash line. For the bottom lashes, take a liner brush, dip it in some of your deeper shade of purple shadow, and line the bottom lashes until it meets with your highlight shade on the inner corner. Take a cotton tip and gently smudge the outer bottom area, to gain a softer effect with your shadow.

6. No look is complete without mascara! Be sure to curl your lashes if you need to first, to ensure your eyes really stand out!

TIP: When applying your liner, try looking downwards into a handheld mirror when applying to your top lashes. Use the same technique for applying your mascara, and hold the mirror above your eyes when applying mascara to the bottom lashes.

7. Keep your blush super soft for this look. Blush is a must when wearing a full face of colour, to give balance and dimension to your look. Choose a subtle pink shade such as Hibiscus and apply it to the top of your cheek bones, toward the eye area, but not too close.

8. The final step for this look is your lips, and although you want them to be subtle, they still need to make an impact so choose a colour that teams with your eye shadow, such as a soft pink. Raspberry is a great shade, and being a gloss, can be blotted and worn as a stain or over the top of other lip stick shades.

TIP: Give your lips a matte look by dusting some translucent powder over the top. Try using an illuminating product in the middle of your bottom lip, and on your cupids bow, to enhance your lips and make them look more pouty. Mwah!

I hope you enjoy this creation and feel free to share your images with us below, showing off your new look! xx


2 thoughts on “Get this look…playful, flirty and fun!

  1. I love the way you have given a complete discription on how to achive this look. I am also gratefull for your tip on applying lid liner and lower liner great tip jolene. I also like the way you have discribed the you apply mascara. Even at my age it proves that i can keep learning from you. Thankz for such a great site. I also havent decided what to use my voucher on and i still have it. I was thinking of using it for perhaps some of the bits and pieces (or the new samples) really struggling here>I am so impressed by all that i read;I just cant make a decision $20 and I dont know what to get Maybe you can help me 🙂

  2. I am also passing on alot of your ideas to my daughter as she is a new mum and she is working 7 days a week. So when i visit with her i fill her in on what i have learnt and also pass on some of the ideas that i have on cleaning tips that i knew and forgot till your article reminded me of these things.Like using bi-carb down the drain and then pour vinigar down it as well then put the plug on and let if fizz away.leaving your sink smelling cleaner and and i do the same in all my drains. So not much gets missed. It also helps us have something great to chat about. As she is so tired that she hasnt time to read alot of emails as of late. So again well done Jolene.:)From giving mother and daughter things to keep chatting about im sure she will love your make-up as well. Just that she needs to get a new routine working out so she has time to read up the articles i print off for her.

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