Karma Mineral Cosmetics – overwhelmed with interest and support!

I never imagined that offering some free samples would gain me as much attention as it has, and I want to say a big thank you to everyone who has showed interest in receiving a sample of my cosmetics. I am so thrilled, and can’t wait to get them out to you all!
Currently I am running the show on my own, and working around the clock to get the samples packed and out to you, but please be warned – it’s not as simple as it sounds due to administration tasks and make-up bookings going on as well! So, it may take me some time and I do have to ask you all to kindly wait patiently and please be assured you will receive your samples shortly!

If you haven’t already registered your interest in sampling some new products for free, it’s not too late! However, due to the overwhelming response to our sample pack giveaway, I have had to limit the samples to foundations only, as of midnight 11/11/09.  

Just go to the home page of the website,  or Sign up here now with the super speedy registration form, send a seperate email requesting the shade you wish to try plus the address for it to be sent to, and you’re done! 

If you prefer not to sign up, it’s no problem and you can still get your foundation sample – just email me from the contact page of the site, and be sure to include your address and foundation shade! The best thing about being signed up, however, is that you will be first to be notified in future of special offers – there will be plenty more sample packs with various products being offered as we bring them to the range, so please don’t miss out and stay signed up!

Once again, thanks for your support, interest in the range and for your patience while your samples reach you!

Take care, stay hydrated and remember the ol’ Slip Slop Slap 🙂



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