Karma Mineral Cosmetics – achieving a flawless base with mineral make-up

Applying your make-up to achieve a flawless look can seem like an art form, and if you’re a beginner it can take some time to perfect but with the correct tools and some know how, anyone can achieve a natural daytime look or a glamorous look for evening. Follow these simple steps for getting started with mineral cosmetics.

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Follow these golden rules to get your base primed before you begin to “paint your canvas”

  • Practice makes perfect – persevere when you have time. Never try something new when you are limited on time or going out as it could end in a make-up disaster.
  • Always start with a cleansed, moisturised face, including eye gel under the eyes and a good quality SPF 30+, covering all areas which will be exposed to the sun.
  • Exfoliate with a gentle product every 3 days. Use gentle circular motions, avoiding the eye area, and use luke warm water to rinse.
  • Follow up the use of cream cleansers with a spritz of rose or lavender floral water.

How to apply mineral powder to your kabuki brush:

1. Tap a small amount of mineral powder into the lid of your jar. You only need a little bit as we are going to repeat the steps. This helps eliminate the mess usually made when we add too much into the lid at once. Take your kabuki and gently press it into the powder, rolling and pressing the brush into the powder, to get coverage all over the top of it.  Stand the kabuki upright and tap the bottom of the handle onto a hard surface. This ensures the powder settles into the brush and gives you more to work with.

Achieving a flawless base:

Toning it down

1. If you have a tendency toward redness, you will need to use a neutralising concealer before applying your foundation. Take a spatula, scrape out a tiny amount of Karma Mineral Flawless Finish in yellow, and wipe on the back of your hand, blending with your fingertips to melt the minerals. Dab the concealer over the areas you require to cover, then gently blend with your fingertips. You can use a concealing brush at this step, instead if you prefer. Do not blend until the product has disappeared.

2. Using the same method as above, conceal the area under your eyes with Karma Mineral Flawless Finish in Apricot. Go very gently in the eye area, as the skin here is far more delicate.

3. For areas of pigmentation, such as freckles and sunspots, use Karma Mineral Flawless Finish in Apricot to conceal lightly. You can go back over these areas once you have applied your mineral powder foundation.

Getting even

Once you have neutralised your base, it’s time to even it all out with your mineral powder foundation. The key to getting a natural, even looking coverage is not just in the application, but also in the shade itself. It is vital to choose a shade that matches your tone, otherwise you will end up with an obvious line around your face. If you have been having issues with shading, keep searching for the correct one. Once you find it, you will be amazed at the difference it makes to your appearance. I am happy to assist you with finding your correct shade, and can provide a sample of foundation for you to try. Click here to read more about FREE samples.

4.Take your kabuki and follow the above application on how to apply mineral powder to your kabuki brush.

5. Start in one area, brushing in a downward motion and rotating the brush every few strokes, so as to use all the powder in the brush. Move around the face in small patches, rather than trying to cover the lot in one step. Remember, you are layering the powder, and taking time to build the right coverage will prevent you looking cakey and heavy. Continue steps 4 and 5 until the desired coverage is achieved. You should not see any traces of the neutralising concealer once the right coverage is reached. Avoid brushing too much powder over the eye area, instead save this area until the end, when you have the least amount on the brush.

6. Skin which requires additional concealing will benefit from going back over any problem areas with Karma Mineral Flawless Finish in the flesh colour.

Get set

7. Finally, to set your make-up in place, eliminate creasing, the appearance of large pores and fine lines, use Karma Mineral Finishing Powder. Use a large powder brush to dust on a very light amount, going back over if you feel you require more. Remember – it is always best to use less the first time and build up product to suit your requirements. You will see how the skin looks sealed once you use this powder, and can be assured your make-up will now stay in place for a lot longer. People with oily or combination skin will generally require a touch up and may like to carry the concealer or powder foundation if persistant redness starts to break through later in the day, also.

Next, I’ll bring you some tips on getting your glow on, just in time for summer! Everyone can achieve dewy, radiant looking skin, and I will show you how to do it.

For more information on the range, please view the site or request info via the contact page – www.karmabeauty.net.au

Please leave feedback, including anything else you would like me to write about to help assist you with using mineral cosmetics or beauty queries in general 🙂

Stay tuned for more tips and answers to frequently asked questions!


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