Karma Mineral Cosmetics – A must read for teens or anyone with skin

I was cleaning my bathroom today, when I realised I had missed a heap of old products when I was “spring cleaning” the house last month. These old products I’m talking about are probably fine, as far as many people would be concerned, and still able to be used for several months to come. They weren’t off. They were just opened and sitting on the bath, in a huge line up, within my peripheral so that I would use them every time I got out of the shower. But in reality they were just taking up space and collecting dust. You see, not that long ago, I was a hoarder. I would collect all sorts of body lotions, tanning products, colour cosmetics, you name it. I tried all sorts of brands, from expensive Aveda, Napoleon and Kryolan, through to Avon, Clinique and Mary Kay, right down to your everyday Priceline favourites. I wasn’t loyal to any one brand unless I was promoting it. I loved to try new things and if it smelled good or had a pretty label, sometimes that was enough to make me buy it!

Bye, bye harmful chemicals

Never the less, into the bin they went. I know what you’re thinking – “why throw so much money away?” Well, not that long ago, when I was an uneducated product hoarder, I would have said the same thing. As soon as I started becoming more involved in my mineral cosmetics business, I became so much more aware of labels and the ingredients that go into the products I am using. It shocked me to learn about what these ingredients are doing to our skin and body, and that they are allowed to go into everything we use, including baby products. Some of those nasties are responsible for causing and exacerbating conditions such as rosacea, acne, eczema, dermatitis, blackheads, etc, etc. It also shocked me to find out that many companies are calling their products a mineral product, despite containing minimal quantities of the good ingredients, and large quantities of the nastier ingredients.

Bearing the scars for a lifetime

Unfortunately, I know only too well how these ingredients can contribute to skin problems. I used skincare and cosmetics filled with them, from a very young age, and now have the scars to remind me on a daily basis, of how inferior ingredients, along with the sun, cigarettes and alcohol, are simply our skins worst enemies. After years of constantly powdering my skin with talc filled compacts, and skin blotting tissues from the Body Shop (the talc covered variety), I am now marred with large pores and lots of blackheads. Anyone who has those will know that they are not easy to get rid of, and the temptation to rid them ourselves will only lead to further scarring.  As well as that, my skin, which has always been oily and sensitive, is now suffering from a condition known as rosacea. When I was younger, I had no idea about this condition, and just thought my skin was a little bit sensitive. Thanks to embarrassing redness, I would constantly wear foundation to cover my face. And of course, being young, I bought the cheaper brands filled with higher amounts of damaging chemicals. Plus mineral cosmetics weren’t around back then. Due to the oiliness and breakouts I use to suffer from terribly growing up, I continued to use harsh skincare which was more likely stripping away and upsetting the delicate balance of the skin’s ph mantle, thus resulting in the condition which I am now left with today. I can’t help but think that if I had known what I know today, about the ingredients in all those products which I spent a small fortune on over the years, I would have a better looking skin and have saved so much money. Not only on product, but on the treatments I will now have to undergo in order to clear up my skin conditions. There’s nothing cheap about salon treatments, but unfortunately the truth is that they are the only way I am going to rid my skin of blackheads and treat my rosacea. And the toll problem skin can take on one’s confidence levels is another matter again. The cost of using inferior brands really does add up, and the scars can last a lifetime. This is what makes me so passionate about making people, in particular mums and teens, more aware of the potential damage that can be avoided through education and change.

It’s what’s inside that counts

So, to finish up, if you haven’t already, please read my first post “Mineral Cosmetics, what you may not be aware of”, and start becoming ingredient savvy. You really owe it to yourself to know what you or your loved ones are really using and what it is doing to your skin. We only get one lot of skin and only one chance at looking after it. What we do to it now will show in years to come. If you sunbaked when you were a teen, for example, you will have the sun spots to prove it today. Now, let’s see if you can bring yourself to “spring clean” your make-up kit and bathroom. Don’t let the luscious smells and pretty labels with their crazy claims stop you from giving them the boot. Instead, let your new found awareness drive you to make a change right now. A change which you will be thankful for now, as well as in many years to come. And remember – it’s what’s inside that counts. A pretty jar or fancy packaging isn’t going to make you look good in the long run, and you will only have to look at the ingredients to discover that.

Thanks for reading and please keep following my posts to learn more about skin, skin conditions and how we can better look after it.

If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to share it 🙂


Binned products

In the bin!



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