Mineral make-up – can you achieve a perfect base with a mineral powder?

Many times I get asked if the mineral range I use will be good enough to hide flaws and still look natural. As soon as I get this question, I find out which brands of mineral products my client have used, and most times the usual brands come up (I won’t supply any names). What I will tell you, is that those are the brands that include some or all of the nasties that a good range of minerals should be void of. I have already named the ingredients you need to be wary of, in another post (see “Mineral cosmetics – what you may not be aware of”) and just to reiterate, the range I use, Karma Mineral Cosmetics, does not include any of those nasties. A product which has the addition of those ingredients will be contain a lot less mineral content and therefore not be able to provide the benefits that a pure mineral range can.

Personally, I am extremely fussy about what I put on my own skin, so I wouldn’t compromise the health of my clients by putting something on their skin that I wouldn’t use on myself. As a make-up artist, it’s important for me to use a brand, or range of brands that are suitable for all skin types, are long wearing and look good on the skin as well as in photographs.

Not all mineral products are made the same.

So getting back to the question at hand; my answer is a little complex. The range itself is a complete range of cosmetics, not just a mineral powder which promises to be an all in one product, like some. And there is a good reason for this. Some brands of minerals have included the ingredients which the Karma range is void of, such as talc, clay and bismuth. These ingredients are included to cheaply “bulk” up a product, absorb shine and give the product “slip” for a silkier application. Unfortunately, due to the chemical composition and size of these ingredients, this can result in blocked pores, and dry, irritated, itchy skin. Karma Mineral Powder Foundation, and in general, other ranges which are void of the above inferior ingredients, are excellent base products. Due to their content of pure, finely crushed minerals, they are a highly pigmented powder which results in a very impressive and versatile product that can be applied lightly to achieve a sheer finish, heavier to achieve a fuller finish, and even as a concealer for problem areas, when applied with a fine brush. Thanks to the addition of the mineral zinc oxide,  mineral powder foundation also offers sun protection. It should not be considered a substitute, however, for using a full spectrum sun block under your foundation.

Setting powder: In most cases, it’s highly recommendable to finish with a setting powder, as this gives the skin a smoother appearance, minimises the appearance of fine lines and enlarged pores, plus keeps shine at bay. Some skin types, such as dry or normal, may find they are complete without the addition of a mineral setting powder, and this is fine. The most important rule anyone should note is the use of a moisturiser and sunscreen before applying your base. This is vital, and will not only protect your skin from the elements, but make a phenomonal difference to the way your base sits on your skin and wears during the day. You may also find it beneficial to use a primer over the top of your moisturiser before applying your base. These are great for increasing the wear of your base, but not absolutely necessary. It’s a matter of personal preference. As with cosmetics, primers tend to include some of the nasties I have mentioned previously, so please be aware of that when choosing your ideal primer.

Under eyes: Using your mineral powder foundation around the eyes is a big no no. If you use the same shade of foundation around your eyes, as you do on your face, you will end up with noticable rings, which will look cakey and unattractive. The skin under the eyes is a lot more delicate due to lack of sebaceous glands, therefore requires more hydration. For covering the area under the eye, I highly recommend using a creamier product, and one that is a shade lighter than your foundation. Using a powder based product under the eyes will only draw attention to fine lines, so if you do follow up your concealer with a setting powder, just make it a very light dusting around the eyes, otherwise it will look heavy and cakey. I’m going to talk more in depth about how to apply your cosmetics, which colours suit who, and how to camouflage imperfections, in several posts to come, so stay tuned for that shortly.

Concealers & neutralisers: Skin types with problems such as breakouts, pigmentation and redness from sensitivites and rosacea, will require the use of a concealing and neutralising product. Thanks to the pigment dense formulation, most skin imperfections can be easily covered with the mineral powder foundation alone. For a completely flawless finish, the use of these additional products is ideal. Karma Mineral Flawless Finish is perfect for providing the ultimate coverage and is safe for use on all skin types, including sensitive and rosacea types.

So, to wrap it up, mineral powder foundations can give you the ultimate base. The key is in the technique, the tools and knowing whether you need to use them in conjunction with a concealing and/or neutralising product. Please take a look at my other post here, on applying mineral cosmetics, for application instructions and tips.

For more information on the Karma Mineral Cosmetics range, please view the site – www.karmabeauty.net.au

Feel free to post a comment or a query here – I’d love to answer any other questions you have about mineral products or beauty in general. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more soon 🙂

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