Karma Mineral Cosmetics – who doesn’t like a freebie?

Karma Mineral Cosmetics is passionate about bringing you new and exciting products. So far we are getting great feedback on the current range, but we can never have too much!

Feedback is necessary for any business to grow. I want to be able to offer you the best products and know that what I am doing and what I am offering is what you want. I don’t believe in only taking on board or publishing “positive” feedback – I want everything out in the open so that people can make well informed choices when purchasing from my range. With your help, I hope to deliver solutions for your needs, at a price you are happy to pay.

I am looking for eager volunteers to try samples of our range and give honest, structured feedback. In return, you will receive benefits such as generous discounts on product, a gift voucher on your birthday and the opportunity to go into competitions and enjoy other exclusive offers throughout the year.

To get underway, simply send an email to jolene@karmabeauty.net.au expressing your interest in volunteering, and I will send you more info from there!

For anyone else looking to enjoy some exclusive offers over the coming months, simply sign up on the home page of www.karmabeauty.net.au and look forward to some good karma.

DSC_0333 - Copy



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