Photo shoots – creative karma

Here is a shoot I did recently, which was a lot more creative than the shoots I do ordinarily.

The shoot is titled Elements – and just looking at the images you should be able to see why.

I hope you enjoy the shots!



To create this look, I painted the face white, added a touch of soft pink to the cheeks and lips. On the eyes, I added beautiful white feather lashes and black eye liner.


For this dramatic look, I painted the face white, then used mineral shadow colours in intense yellow and red, to bring out the amazing colours on the eyes and lips. I also added black eye lashes to the eyes, and a dramatic black shadow, which was applied wet. These shades have not been released in the Karma range yet, so anyone interested in them can contact me personally for a sample – as you can see, they offer great intensity, and this is due to their pigment dense formula.


For this look, I left the skin tone neutral, and bronzed up the cheeks and lips. On the eyes, I used earthy tones in brown, gold and green (came out grey in the shots for some reason). Beautiful eye lashes were also applied to the eyes to give this look a more balanced finish.

Nicole, who was the model, created the looks for her hair throughout the shoot – I just loved the craziness of this one! Plus the addition of leaves, hand picked from the garden were just perfect for the earthy look we were creating.





For this fun, playful look, I kept the skin tone neutral, and used lots of blues everywhere else! The addition of glue on bindi stones and cute blue eye lashes finished this aquatic look perfectly.

Daryl, our photographer, had a bubble machine which was just ideal for adding extra playfulness to this creation.

A big thanks to Nicole and Daryl, who put a lot of effort into creating this shoot. A great collaboration with a playful and unique outcome.

I look forward to being a part of more crazy shoots! Please leave a comment or contact me if you wish to collaborate 🙂


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